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MarketLaunch.US is a unique division of Sales Resource Group comprised of seasoned international marketing and sales professionals with experience in all phases of new product and market development.


1.      New product screening; technological, legal and manufacturing

2.      Market research

3.      Sales & Marketing planning

4.      Sales and distribution execution and management




A Market Development Program To Fit All Product or Services Needs


Although most every new product and market effort vary significantly, all successful products pass through the same steps; from initial concept to successful and profitable market introduction.

MarketLaunch.US has developed a template, or package of services that, with minor modifications, has proven to cost-effectively accommodate just about every new product or service.



Market Development Program has Four Phases: 

  1. Concept and Product Screening Phase                          2-3 Weeks                  

  1. Market and Product Research Phase                             2-6 Weeks                  


  1. Sales & Marketing Planning Phase                                 2-3 Weeks                 


  1. Marketing and Sales Execution/Management                Ongoing                     

             Plus issions

  All phases from start to market launch                           6 to 12 weeks


We recognize that you need accurate market data to help you make the decision to launch in the US. As it should be, not every product will survive the first two phases of screening and market research. 

After phase one is completed, Marketlaunch.US will provide a detailed report describing the findings.  A go or no-go decision has to be made at this point.  If no compelling market opportunity exists, Marketlaunch.US will recommend not proceeding to Phase 2 in order to limit your investment.

 Key to ongoing Market Success – Areas of Focus:

  1. Analysis and Market Prioritization - Knowledge of the market.
  2. Distribution, sales and marketing strategy.
  3. Translate the concept into reality by formulating a step-by-step action plan.
  4. Systematic implementation, progress measurement and immediate response to market changes.

About Each Phase

Concept and Product Screening Phase    2-3 Weeks

MarketLaunch.US will always begin by reviewing screening material and ensuring that the basic checkpoints for successful US products have been considered and answered satisfactorily.   Any unresolved questions will be researched through telephone or personal interviews with experts, trade members, and even potential competitors.



New Product Screening Criteria

Product Newness                     Novelty and communicable differentiating features


Technical Feasibility                  Compatibility with current technology and extent of development required

Market Demand                       Initial review of purchasing interest  

Market Size and Share             Review of market size, expected growth and

                                               eventual market share

Competitive Position                Direct and indirect competition likely to be

                                                encountered by the proposed product

Profit Contribution                  An initial review of expected profitability.


Investment Requirement         Especially marketing and distribution investment

                                               required in establishing new profitable products with

                                               repeat and sustainable sales and market presence.

Organizational Support            The extent of infrastructure needed to support

                                                ongoing sales and customer service.


Strategic Fit                             Compatibility of this product with other company

                                                products in the marketplace and/or distribution

                                                channels anticipated.

Ecolological Compatibility         Compatibility of proposed product package and

                                                production process with the environment and


Consumer Welfare                     Impact of the proposed product on consumer

                                                 health, safety and well being.

Legal Review                            Impact of any potential legal requirements,

                                                registrations, licensing, distribution practices, etc.,

                                                that potentially could hinder achieving the

                                                Company's objectives.


Market and Product Research Phase     2-6 Weeks

In this phase MarketLaunch.US will set out to answer any questions that remain before development of the marketing planning strategy. 

Occasionally there might be a perceived need to conduct more extensive and comprehensive research; MarketLaunch.US has relationships with a variety of research companies who can perform targeted consumer or trade market research efficiently and quickly.

Consumer research could include:

·           Shopping mall intercept studies

·           Focus groups

·           Advertising testing

·           Direct response and or Internet concept and testing


Trade Research could include:

·         Trade telephone interviews

·         Mailed questionnaires

·         Trade show and trade event intercept interviews

·         Use of trade experts; publications, associations, trade databases, etc.

Sales & Marketing Planning Phase     2-3 Weeks


Once screening and other marketing issues have been resolved MarketLaunch.US will write a comprehensive marketing and sales program for each market.

Following is outline for a marketing plan.


ABC Product

Sales & Marketing Plan

I.   Situation


Past and recent

Company History

Market and industry

Industry description

Number & size of companies

Eventual consumer

Distribution channels

Methods of sales

Industry trends and potential

Problems:  competition, other

Industry opportunities

II.  Objectives                         Year 1             Year 2             Year 3             Year 4             Year 5

Sales                            _____              _____              _____              _____              _____

Profits                         _____              _____              _____              _____              _____

Market share               _____              _____              _____              _____              _____

Distribution                 _____              _____              _____              _____              _____

Image                          _____              _____              _____              _____              _____


Long-range objectives

III.   Strategy

Overall strategy summary


Regional vs. national firms

Speed of marketing development


Product strategy



New product opportunities

             Sales strategy

Value proposition development


Salesforce development and compensation

Brokers and  Reps

Strategic Partners

Distribution channels; types of stores, distributors, etc.

Sales training

Sales pricing

Sales promotio
Lead generation
Sales and support materials

Advertising strategy

Creative - theme and position

Media - consumer trade broadcast print direct response Internet

Publicity strategy

Targeted publics, centers of influence

Media - trade publications, consumer publications, events.

Trade Show Strategies


Research Strategy - ongoing research systems, primary and secondary research

Market testing strategy  -Timing, measurement of results, replication

IV.             Finance

Budgets, timelines, P&L Projections

Marketing and Sales Execution/Management Phase        Ongoing

Step 1: Recommended Sales Implementation Plan


MarketLaunch.US will provide a Sales Plan and prioritized sales strategies for management approval. The company will also develop a go-to-market recommendation to implement the agreed upon sales strategy.


Step 2: Sales Process Outsourcing – Implementation of the Plan


The approved sales acceleration plan will serve as the primary execution document.


MarketLaunch.US will provide all salespeople, project management, leadership and sales management activities necessary to implement and maximize the market potential.


Ongoing Sales Execution and Management


MarketLaunch.US will draw revenue from a predetermined account and may draw funds from this account only in accordance with the terms agreed upon by both parties.  At the end of each quarter, reconciliation will occur. 







Mangement Breadth of Experience


We are people who get revenue for our clients.

Based on our client's needs and industry, MarketLaunch.US has a number of executives on which to draw.

Most all are 20-year or more veterans with senior management experience in marketing and sales management as well as funding and general management experience in a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Some of our industry experience includes:



E-Commerce Products

Vertical Markets


Lawn and Garden

Industrial Markets

DIY and Home Centers

Healthcare and Medical

Health and Beauty ids


Benefits and Services

Travel and Leisure

Consumer Products



Direct Response




Real Estate



Banking and Mortgage

Trade Shows

Association and Affinity

Boating and Recreation

And others.

A complete listing of industries, bios and information on our all of our affiliates is available.








































 ·         Telephone interviews and questionnaires

 ·          Mailed questionnaires

Research will be conducted by employees of MarketLaunch.US or one of several research firms with which we have relationship, which is included in the budget.

This can include questions of consumer or trade interests, pricing concerns, packaging concerns, delivery and distribution channel issues and anything else that has to do with overall consumer or customer acceptance and purchase of your product or service.












 To minimize your financial risk, the MarketLaunch.US



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