Optimizing sales potential requires many variables to be functioning smoothly together.

SRG has built go-to-market strategies for over 70 companies in almost every industry for over 10 years.

Utilizing our proven Market-Driven sales methodology, we ensure that the Plan, the Process and the People are all working in synch.


Guaranteed Three Week Sales Ramp Up

In just 21 days, Sales Resource Group will understand your offering and target market, build a virtual sales organization and initiate sales calls in those areas with the greatest impact on short-term revenue.

We will also provide a complete performance evaluation of our sales activities and progress on a weekly basis and present strategic and tactical change recommendations to enhance your future sales goals.




The Benefits to You:

  • Increased sales

  • Performance-based compensation

  • Cost effective alternative to downsizing

  • Dedicated sales professionals only for your firm

  • Immediate access into multiple markets and distribution channels

  • Explore new opportunities with minimal investment in sales infrastructure

  • Broader market penetration

  • Access to experienced sales force in your industry

  • Immediate market access

  • Lower sales costs

  • Higher close rate
  • SRG leverages it's deep executive contacts on your behalf

  • Training required only on your product/service

  • Reduced sales force headaches and turnover

  • Vested partnership ensures that we work closely and cooperatively

  • Quickly increase or decrease sales team

  • More realistic sales forecasting

  • Increase your opportunity pipeline

  • SRG handles recruiting, training, payroll & benefits, taxes, project management, etc.

  • Lead generation, inside sales, outside sales-whatever is needed to increase your revenue

  • Weekly meetings with you to review all activities, results and opportunities

  • Less headaches, more profit